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Routine Appointments

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Check Your Condition First

Many conditions can be dealt with without the need to see your GP.

Symptom Checker

Many conditions can be dealt with without the need to see your GP.

The NHS Sympton Checker is an excellent resource to find advice without seeing a GP. You can also try a local pharmacy for advice about a range of conditions and we also have lots of self help information. Please try this advice before contacting the Practice.


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Care Navigation

All of our receptionists are completing their Care Navigation training at present.

When you phone for an appointment, they might suggest other professionals that could help you, such as: Opticians, Pharmacists, Nurses, Family Services or Support Groups.

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Book An Appointment

Book an appointment with your GP, nurse or clinician at a time that suits you.

Same Day Appointments

For appointments on the same day please complete the our online form

  • This will be reviewed by the clinical team and your request will be triaged.
  • It is not guaranteed that an appointment request at the surgery will be made when you submit a request.
  • But you will be notified once your request has been triaged.

Alternatively if you don’t have the facility to access the link, please contact surgery on 01323 441234 at 8:30am

Pre-book up to six weeks in advance

You can pre-book up to six weeks in advance with your choice of GP or a nurse subject to the availability of appointments, either by telephone 01323 441234 or calling into the surgery.

After you have booked an appointment our practice also will send you a text (SMS) reminder to the mobile number which we have on your record. 

Please let us know if you are unable to keep a booked appointment as another patient may be able to be seen.

  • You can cancel your appointment online using Patient Access or The NHS App if you are signed up to the service, also you can cancel via the appointment text reminder by following the link. 
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Life Threatening - Go to A&E

If you or someone you know has a life-threatening condition, such as loss of consciousness, a sudden confused state, chest pain, breathing difficulties etc, you should call 999

In an EMERGENCY call 999.
Emergencies are situations that cannot be managed at home and may be life threatening

Consulting Times

  • Dr Merritt: Monday and Wednesday
  • Dr McGregor: Tuesday, Wednesday AM, Thursday AM & Friday all day
  • Dr De-Heer: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday AM (Lifestyle clinic)
  • Dr Brand: Tuesday all day
  • Dr Gurung: Wednesday, Thursday PM and Friday

Extended Hours


  • Lesley Saunders (Practice Nurse): Thursday
  • Lauren Hickman-Smith (Practice Nurse): Thursday

Extended Hours Hub Service: Evenings and Weekends 

You can now see a GP or other healthcare professional during. We work with South Down Health Care Ltd(GP Federation) to provide extended hour to our patient along with our clinician

  • Weekday Evenings: 6.30pm to 8.00pm
  • Saturdays: 9am to 1.00pm (prior arrangement)
  • Sundays: 10.00am to 12.00pm (prior arrangement)

To book an appointment contact reception. You may be able to get an appointment on the same day if required. You may be offered an appointment or telephone consultation at

  • your GP practice
  • another local General Practice Hub